LogPublisher - Add on for DXKeeper

Author: DL9HO

LogPublisher supports QSO upload to HRDLog.net. It works as an Add on program for DXKeeper and Swisslog (coming soon).

LogPublisher provides two different operating modes: Manual upload (of individual QSOs; QSOs can be selected from DXKeepers log database) and Auto upload (available in LogPublishers registered version). In order to give you an impression of the real time upload, this extendes feature is full functional for 10 minutes, before the realtime upload stops).

Configuring LogPublisher

LogPublisher's Configuration screen provides three tabs:

General tab

HRDlog.net Callsign specifies the HRDlog.net account to which QSOs should be uploaded
Upload code Specifies the upload code that enables your access to HRDlog.net
Auto upload when checked, any QSO logged by DXKeeper, either directly, or on behalf of another application, will automatically be uploaded to HRDLog.net using the above settings
Send On Air status when checked, LogPublisher's OnAir.exe program will send the user on-air status, frequency and mode to HRDLog.net. You have to allow Internet access for LogPublisher.exe and OnAir.exe.

DXLab tab

Log database file LogPublisher will automatically detect the path to your log database. Clicking on the Browse button displays a file selector that can be used to specify a different log database path name

LogPublisher can update DXKeeper with the status of uploaded QSOs to HRDlog.net. This feature is optional and requires an unused defined field in DXKeeper.

Please note: LogPublisher doesn't modify any log data on the fly. The status of each uploaded QSO will be stored in a temporary file (Progress.dat). Updating DXKeeper with upload information from this file can be done when DXKeeper is closed.

To update DXKeeper with update information you have to exit DXKeeper. Open LogPublisher's configuration window, DXLab tab and click on "Sync DXKeeper" button. If you do so, LogPublisher will create a backup of your DXKeepers log database file (backup can be found in the path LogPublisher\Data\, e.g. LogPublisher\Data\2013_07_20_172010\DL9HO.mdb) and updates the uploaded QSOs with the upload status (Y).

If you LogPublisher allowed to update DXKeeper, LogPublisher will also check for any new QSOs uploaded to HRDlog.net when LogPublisher is terminated.

How to prepare DXKeeper to store HRDlog.net upload status?

Open DXKeepers configuration, User items tab and create an user defined field (Caption 'HRDLog.net', Style 'Alphanumeric').

Open LogPublishers's configuration window, DXLab tab and select the created user item field in the combobox below. Leave the combobox and enable 'update DXKeeper if upload to HRDLog.net was sucessful'.


I've developed LogPublisher for my own needs, but you can participate on the results for free.

If you would like to support my work, you can donate a few bucks ( 10 Euro ) for a pizza and a beer.

If you do so, you will get a activation code for extended options ( Real time upload to HRDLog.net ).

In order to give you an impression of the real time ( Auto upload ) upload, this extended feature is full functional for 10 minutes, before the realtime upload stops.

Open LogPublisher's Configuration window, General tab, click the Register button to register LogPublisher.

When donating on the PayPal site, you'll be prompted to insert the program ID.

After you've made your PayPal donation, you'll get the activation code by email. Copy the key.dat file into LogPublisher's folder and restart LogPublisher.

Send me an email and let me know if you find a bug. Any suggestions for new or better features are always welcome.

73 de Volker, DL9HO

(c) 2013-2014 Volker Rose, DL9HO
Homepage: http://www.dl9ho.de/LogPublisher/LogPublisher.htm
LogPublisher Download page: http://www.dl9ho.de/adidl.html
Program support: EMail: dl9ho@gmx.net

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